Rapidly gaining a reputation throughout Panama as one of the finest canopy tour sites operating in the country, Panama Outdoor Adventures in Rio Piedra in the Province of Colon features 9 cables along its course of tree-top zip-lines. Each span sends the guest soaring through the jungle at heights that only the tree dwellers of the canopy can experience. The longest line on the tour is 225 meters long and provides a glimpse of one of the most stunning views of the jungle in the region.

Along the way, there are opportunities to take in the incredible variety of life that makes up the canopy environment.

Aside from the magnificent trees themselves, countless plants thrive on limbs and vines, twisting and weaving through the forest in mazes of vibrant foliage.

Canopy Zip-line Details

As the planet becomes more interconnected and new paradises are explored, adventure seekers increase the research they perform before heading out on the open trail and many want to know the specifications of the activities they are going to be experiencing. So here’s the details on the fun waiting for you! The Canopy Zip-Line Adventure Tour at Panama Outdoor Adventures is one of the largest, most natural, and most economical options anywhere around Panama City for those wanting to soar through the trees as they defy the safety of their mothers and embrace wildness of mother nature.

The adventure tour is made up of 9 marine-grade 3/8in stainless steel cables and 12 galvanized steel platforms. Visitors ride the cables from platform to platform as they cruise through the course by sitting in a climbing harness similar to those of rock climbers and rescue teams.

Our first platform is located at the top of our hill next to a “rancho” (covered area) with benches where clients wait to begin the tour.

Staging area where visitors put on their gear and get ready to start the zip-line adventure.


This is where visitors put on their harness, slings, pulley, helmet, and gloves – the equipment that the client will use to go down the cable. The guides attach all the equipment for the visitor so there’s no need for the visitor to know how it is put on. In fact, the first rule that the guides will tell any visitor is to not touch their equipment. If anything feels like it needs to be adjusted, the visitor will let the guide know and they will take care of it for the them.

Before any client begins the course, they are given a brief orientation by the guides in either Spanish or English. Zip-lining is a fun and very simple activity that is great for all ages and types of people, but it is important to be responsible and safe when experiencing any adventure sport like zip-lining.

It is important to pay attention and ask questions if you need to understand anything better.

Adventurers then climb the steps to the first platform where they begin the course. This platform is built on the ground and sends the rider down the first cable on the zip-line adventure which is 135 meters long!

The first platform on the zip-line adventure.

The first cable of the adventure is one of our larger lines, but it is a very easy ride and offers an excellent introduction to the jungle canopy for first timers.

At the other end of the first cable is the second platform which is about 15 meters (49ft) above the ground in a tree.

Adventurers then mount another cable that is about 70 meters (230ft) long and ends on the third platform which is constructed on the ground.

After climbing a few steps cut into the hill and a very short walk, visitors reach the fourth platform which is built on the side of the hill.

4th platform

From this platform, visitors ride a cable approximately 66 meters (216ft) long leading to the fifth platform – one of the highest – at 28 meters (92ft) off the ground.

Fifth platform on the canopy zip-line adventure. 28 meters (92ft) high!

The fourth cable is our longest at almost 225 meters (738ft) long and ranging from 25 to 30 meters (80-100ft) high.

Fourth Cable. 225 meters (738 feet) long!

Platform number six offers an up-close inspection of life in the highest reaches of the jungle canopy and features our oldest and largest tree.

Sixth platform in our largest tree at 28 meters (92ft) high!

Cable five offers an easy ride at 82 meters (269ft) and brings riders to Platform number 7 which rests on the ground.

A short walk starts when you arrive at Platform 7…

…and crosses a beautiful clearing on the way to Platform 8.

Platform 8 sends the rider down Cable 6 which is 52 meters (170ft) long and ends at platform 9 which is about 17 meters (56ft) off the ground.

A rider glides down Cable 6 from Platform 8.

Cable 7 is 46 meters (151ft) long and leads to Platform 10 which is 8 meters (26ft) high.

Made it to Platform 10! Only a few more to go!

Cable 8 is 59 meters (193ft) long and ends at Platform 11, the final tree-based station before the end of the adventure which is 11 meters (36ft) high.

The last leg of the journey is Cable 9 at about 90 meters (295ft) long which ends at Platform 12 in the main reception area of Panama Outdoor Adventures.

The finish line!

A short walk to the rancho to catch your breath, have a drink, eat some lunch, or just lay in the hammock for a few minutes.