Panama Outdoor Adventures offers a jungle getaway to its visitors packed with adrenaline-pumping zip-line canopy tours, serene river-tubing, and adventurous jungle camping presented on 69 acres of lush terrain almost completely surrounded by the Rio Piedra.Backpackers, nature-lovers, and thrill-seekers bask in the dense foliage on and around the site teeming with life of all kinds. Only 10-15 minutes inland from the Caribbean Coast and just an hour drive from the heart of Panama City via the new Panama-Colon highway, Panama Outdoor Adventures offers an excellent destination to begin a day of exploration outside of the city from the jungles and mountains, to the shores and sea.

Our Eco Statement

Panama Outdoor Adventures offers eco-adventure opportunities that bring travelers of all ages and backgrounds into the wild to connect with nature and the cultures that live within them. We are dedicated to the rapidly spreading social perspective that reflects responsibility in caring for the planet we live in and believe that providing opportunities for people to come into close contact with nature enhances their desire to preserve it.


Pictures of the Panama Outdoor Adventures crew at work and at play