Many adventure seekers that want to experience a zip line canopy tour in Panama may in some cases end up finding themselves pursuing a different experience than originally desired. To help clarify, here is a basic description of what a zip line canopy tour consists of.

A zip line generally refers to a system consisting of a steel cable (or for other uses, rope) and a pulley that rolls along the cable. To this pulley is often attached a series of straps and a harness in which the rider sits and slides down the cable. In some areas, the cable is constructed with a sharp incline for maximum speed and adrenaline. In other applications, the cable is set at a more gradual incline for a more relaxed ride, allowing for longer exposure to the surrounding views.

The term “canopy” in this application, refers to the upper layer of trees and vegetation in a jungle or forest. While the density of the vegetation is not necessarily a factor, a jungle canopy such as ours is usually comprised of closely growing and intertwined trees made up of many different species. The jungle canopy offers an amazing wealth of plants and animals, often providing sanctuary and sustenance to an entire eco-system with many plants and animals living their entire lives while never experiencing a direct connection to the ground below.

The term “canopy” in this application, refers to the upper layer of trees and vegetation in a jungle or forest.


While some locations may offer a zip line, they may not actually feature a true canopy for the zip line to pass through. A popular course for most zip lines internationally, often features lines that run from hilltop to hilltop or from the top of a hill down to the bottom. While many of these zip lines may offer the rush of speed that adventurers seek, it is common for these courses to be in open, exposed areas with little forestation and even less wildlife.

Another common activity offers the canopy tour experience without the zip line feature. An example of this would would be the Gamboa Resort Ariel Tram which provides for a relaxed trip through the rain forest high above the ground while traveling in a tram. While this canopy tour offers an opportunity to view the plants and animals of the canopy, it lacks the zip line effect of flying through the trees at medium to high speeds. Other options for canopy tours negate assisted travel through the canopy and feature only elevated platforms and walkways connecting platforms and viewing areas.

While ultimately each traveler knows best what kind of adventure they seek, we strive to offer a balanced experience for those who desire an ecological experience with a rush! Along with the second largest zip line course in all of Panama – 9 cables and 10 platforms – we also offer a dense jungle canopy and environment complete with the wildlife it supports. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping zip line experience, or want to experience the natural rain forest canopy from up above, our zip line canopy tour experience is the perfect activity for nature and thrill-seekers alike!

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