What fun would a rainforest Canopy Zip-Line Adventure or Jungle Trot be without a remote rainforest location to enjoy it in?  While we are located only 1 hour away from Panama City, the final part of the trip into our site really gives you a sense of departure from civilization so we would like to give some general information, tips, and encouragement to visitors that might brave the trek without the use of our transportation or have not booked through an agency.

Our site is located 3 kilometers (almost 2 miles) off the main road to Portobelo, as seen on our Directions page, with an entrance that is clearly marked as well as smaller signs along the way that lead you to our site and reception area.

The road itself is made of crushed rock and is easily passable any time of the year in any vehicle but as is the case of any remote public access road, frequent maintenance is necessary to ensure that holes are filled, drainage is functional, and debris is cleared. The 3 kilometer-long community artery is maintained jointly by the local government and the community members of Rio Piedra (particularly our hardworking crew!).



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